Louis Vuitton Speedy or possibly a FENDI bag

posted on 07 Sep 2013 02:22 by nvigatretel1989
nevertheless it needs to be an every day bag, 1 preferbaly that has beige on it somewhere as my wardrobe revolves about beige as its base colour. the bag must be massive sufficient for any blackberry, a book or two, ipod, purses, a number of cosmetic items at the same time as pharmaceutical things eg allergy medication and so on. and i like some space left over.
I not a spoilt brat or something, so this is my very first Really Costly handbag, and I in all probability won get an additional this pricey for a couple of years. Spending budget is from about £300 to about £800.
Please could persons support me decide on and make suggestions
When you get a Louis Vuitton, you paying more for the label than for the quality. The handles around the Louis seem to fade quite quickly, no matter how you hold it, or how extended, then it gets this weird, dark, unattractive old searching dark colour. And when you do put on your speedy in the rain, you notice waterspots around the calfskin, which is entirely unattractive.
If you going with a Fendi, i recommend the Giant Chef Zucca- it huge, so it can match all yours tuff, but it not too big. Plus, it dark and neutral colored, so it can fit having a lot of outfits.
Personally, i consider if you going to go with an everyday bag, chanel may be the strategy to go. It is a tiny bit much more high-priced than Fendi or Louis, but the bags are a lot improved qualitywise. The handles don fade, the designs never ever go out, and in case you don like it anymore, you can constantly resell it.
My favored each day bag from chanel is there Grand Shopping tote and their petite shopping tote. Each are simply black, and quilted with all the chanel logo- so it fantastic fo ryour purchasing days, or your formal days having a pencil skirt and white blouse.We offer the best fendi bag for you with high quality and fine workmanship.Visit our fendi online shop! Happy shopping!